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Ballet and Pointe classes for students ages 3 and up in Haddonfield NJ.


Ages 3 and up.

A traditional form of dance that develops a foundation of technique for all other styles of dance build upon. Pointe is the technique of performing on toe (pointe) for classical and contemporary ballet.

Haddonfield School of Dance offers Hip Hop classes for ages 5 and up.

Hip Hop

Ages 5 and up.

This popular high energy class uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movement to help develop the students own sense of style. Age appropriate music is used for these classes. 

Broadway Jazz Dance Class at HSD for ages 7 and up.

Broadway Jazz

Ages 7 and up.

A form of theatre dance combining music and dance from a Broadway show. This dance class focuses on technique, body awareness and dance styles that are practical to working in musical theatre. 

Tap class at Haddonfield School of Dance for ages 3 and up.


Ages 3 and up.

This form teaches students syncopated rhythms and precision of movement with sounds. Excellent for coordination of all ages. Special shoes create different rhythms, sounds and patterns.

Lyrical dance classes for ages 7 and up at Haddonfield School of Dance


Ages 7 and up.

An expressive form of dance that incorporates a fusion of ballet and jazz dance styles.This style tells a story through choreography inspired by the lyrics of a song. 

Acro Dance Class in Haddonfield NJ for students 5 and up.

Acro Dance

Ages 5 and up.

This style of dance combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, unique choreography and seamless blend of dance and acrobatics.

Haddonfield School of Dance offers Jazz classes for ages 5 and up.


Ages 5 and up.

Jazz is a highly expressive genre of dance that combines upbeat stylized movement with proper technique. The exercises teach and develop the ability to move and control each part of the body.

Contemporary Dance classes are offered to students ages 10 and up at HSD.


Ages 10 and up.

Modern dance is an integration of technique, floor work and abstract movement. This style combines strong, controlled movement along with the improvisational nature of modern dance.

Preschool Dance for ages 2.5 and up at HSD.

Preschool Dance

Ages 2.5 and up.

A first dance experience that is designed to be fun and engaging while improving fine and gross motor skills. Activities in ballet, tap and jazz will be introduced in a safe and nurturing environment. 




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