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School year tuition is broken down into 9 EQUAL monthly installments.  The first being required at registration.  This does not include the annual $25.00 registration fee per family.  The eight remaining installments are invoiced monthly and due on the first of every month, beginning in October and continuing through May.  Invoices are emailed monthly on the 15th.  We will enforce a $15.00 late fee for all payments not received by the 7th of the month. We offer an auto payment option for families who prefer to pay monthly via credit card via our dance studio Parent Portal.

Monthly Pricing Guide

We require 1 month tuition and a $25 non refundable registration fee when registering. Tuition is based on total of hours per family. The HSD monthly company fee and company prep class are not combined with the hourly tuition rates below. 

HSD 2022-2023 Tuition

1 hr. $85
2 hrs. $145
3 hrs. $180
4 hrs. $215
5 hrs. $245
6 hrs. $275
7 hrs. $300
8 hrs. $325
9 hrs. $345
10 hrs. $365
11 hrs. $380
12 hrs. $395
13 hrs. $405
14 hrs. $415
Unlimited - $425

Additional Pricing Notes

• Company tuition $50 per month
• Dance Company Prep tuition $50 per month
• Company costume deposits due Oct. 1st. ($50 per costume)
• Recital costume deposits due Nov. 1st. ($50 per costume)
• Company costume balances due Jan. 1st.
• Recital costume balances due Feb. 1st.

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