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2023-2024 Session


Classes begin Monday September 11, 2023. Enjoy your summer!


4:30p Jazz 3X

4:30p Ballet 3Y

5:30p Ballet 3X

5:30p Jazz 3Y

6:30p HSD Petite/Int. Company*

*(Levels 3X,3Y)

7:30p Ballet 5X

7:30p Lyrical 5Y

8:30p Lyrical 5X

8:30p Ballet 5Y


4:30p Tap/Jazz 1

4:30p Starbright Ballet/Tap Combo

5:30p Ballet 1

5:30p Lyrical 2

6:30p Ballet 2

6:30p Acro 3

7:30p Acro 2

7:30p Ballet 4

8:30p Lyrical 4


4:30p Ballet 3X

4:30p Lyrical 3Y

5:30p Lyrical 3X

5:30p Ballet 3Y

6:30p Pre-pointe/Pointe 1

6:30p Pointe 2

7:30p Contemporary 5X

7:30p Ballet 5Y

8:30p Ballet 5X

8:30p Contemporary 5Y


9a Twinkle Toes Combo

9a Hip Hop 1

10a Fairy Tale Combo

10a HSD Company Prep

11a Ballet 2

11a Hip Hop 4

12p Hip Hop 2

12p Broadway 4

1p Tap 4


4:30p Ballet 1

4:30p Princess Ballet/Tap Combo

5:30p Acro 4/5

5:30p Tap/Jazz 1

6:30p Jazz 5Y

6:30p Hip Hop 3Y

7:30p Hip Hop 5Y

7:30p Jazz 5X

8:30p Hip Hop 5X


No Classes Scheduled

Solo/Duo/Trio Lessons

Private Lessons


4:30p Broadway Jazz 2/3X

4:30p Tap 3Y

5:30p Tap 2/3X

5:30p Broadway 3Y

6:30p Broadway 5X

6:30p Tap 5Y

7:30p Tap 5X

7:30p Broadway 5Y

8:30p HSD Jun./Sen. Company*

*(Levels 5X,5Y)

Dates to Remember

• Columbus Day - Monday October 9   (No Classes)

• Halloween - Monday October 31   (No Classes)

• Thanksgiving Break - November 22 - 26   (No Classes)

• Winter Break - December 20 - January 1   (No Classes)

• Spring Break - March 27 - April 2   (No Classes)

• Last Day of Classes - Saturday May 25   

• Recital Weekend - June 1-2

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