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Our next 4 week session begins Saturday, February 6th 2021.

Pom Dance is a style of dance typically seen in high schools and colleges which is a great way to get involved with your school. Being a part of a dance team is a great way to promote school spirit and an opportunity to perform high energy dances to engage sports fans. During the four week sessions we will be covering skills that you will typically see at school sports events. These dance team skills will include arm precision of pom placement, learn short sideline combos, a halftime routine, and high energy entertainment all while dancing in uniformity as a team. Technique skills will also be implemented during the weekly sessions from pirouettes to calypso jumps to straddle leaps.   


We assist all interested class participants with dance team placement at both the high school and college levels. Our network of industry connections make Haddonfield School of Dance the ultimate spring board for students looking continue their dance training.



FEB 13


FEB 20


FEB 27


$85 4 - 75min Sessions

Includes Pom Pom's

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